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A Benediction

Give us inner peace, a closeness with you.Give us clarity, to know what faces us.Give us heart, to love one another and you.Give us energy and focus, to do your work in this fragmented world.Amen.

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Benediction at Prayer Service

God of Grace & Hope, Creator of our blue and green globe.Healer of our bodies and hearts.Trusters of our ability to grow in empathy, generosity, & open-heartedness. Lead us through this time of pain, aching, and fear.Hold our hands as

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Followers of the Baby

Christ has arrived as an infant. As one who teaches us to be vulnerable. As one whose every need must be fulfilled by love. As a human baby, Christ will grow and change. Learn and strive. Yearn and hope. Love

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Living Our Lives

We leave now to live our lives. We will grow old, we will raise families, we will love neighbor and family. We will get on with living our lives, mindful of the dreams God has for humanity. Whether we are

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Love Whole-Heartedly

Benediction Love wholeheartedly. Live as you were created. Be God’s people in our fragmented world. Amen.

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Look & See: A Benediction

Look and see! I see Jesus walking    along the shore. Hear and listen! Jesus is calling    Simon Peter and Andrew.  And? Jesus is calling us, too. Follow and watch! Jesus is going to the edges    of our

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Embracing the Royalty

God created each of us     in the divine image. Go outward, act and love in just such a time as this (1) with a heightened sense of God. We commit to live faithfully,     embracing the royalty within  

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