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In the Darkest of Times

In the darkest of times,God has not forgotten us. When we feel under siege,God is planning wondrous things for us. Though we endure hard times, though we may be scattered to the winds, and weep at great loss,God readies a

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Enough for Everyone

Come worship! Praise! Give Thanks!We gather to praise our God of Abundance! For there is enough for everyone!Give us the strength to share that all may have their needs met! Amen!

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We Have Decided

They were repairing the Temple and found an old scroll. They took it to King Josiah.  A faithful king, Josiah recognized the Torah, the word of God.Committed to following God, Josiah read it to the people. They, too, wanted to be

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So Many Choices

So many distractions.So many choices.So many gods from whom to choose. Sacred Mother, Focus our hearts and eyes upon you during this hour. Inspire us to be the hopes you have for us. Amen.

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We Have a Choice

We have a choice.We are created with free will. Will we follow the ways of greed and selfishness or the ways of sharing and extravagant loving?We choose to follow the One who requires us to do justice,love kindness, walk humbly,

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Goodbye Scorpions; Hello Wholeness

*Call to Worship Jealously clinging to our narrative, we release scorpions, andlet our God-ordained wholeness slip from our grasp.God forgive us. Inspire us to be One. Forgetting that power is about compassionate caretaking, we mark our territory. Instead, make us “like

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The Fruit of Love & Justice

Abide.We abide and allow ourselves to be pruned for new growth. Abide.We abide with the One who provides nourishing soil and refreshing rain. Abide.We abide that we might bear the fruit of love and justice in our fragmented world. Amen.

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