Living in VUCA Times (An Invocation)

We live in volatile times.
It seems as if things are changing rapidly and often for the worse. We feel hope only to have it dashed by another action or event.

We live in uncertain times.
We aren’t sure of the right thing. Do we return to everything that is open or take it slow and easy?

We live in complex times.
Nothing seems simple. Our heads spin as we face challenges.

We live in ambiguous times.
Everything seems inexact, one path seems right but then again maybe another path is the better way.

We yearn for times gone by, times when the answers seemed simple and solutions to problems were clear. Give us clarity. Give us hope and certainty. Focus us on what matters, on your way. 

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Ours is a faith

Ours is a faith focused on love.
The one we call God is
the very definition of love.

Ours is a faith of spiritual growth.
The one we call God is
an ever-creating, ever-evolving breath of love. 

Ours is a faith of action. 
The one we call God provokes us to
speak, demand, & create justice for all peoples especially the poor, oppressed, & marginalized.

We are the imperfect who gather to learn and grow into a people more in-tune with the one we call God.
We gather to love, grow, & act. Amen.

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Severed But Not

The world is not as we want it to be.

Our relationships are severed:
by virus and disease
by political discord
by phobias and isms and hatred.
by our fears and insecurities.

And still, we choose to worship.
Come. Be one together through technology and the divine spirit that sparkles and twinkles its unending love between and within us. Amen.

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Lead Us and Give Us Patience

Come, Holy Spirit. Empower us. Show us the way. Lead us out of this time of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. Be with us as we worship. Move us to patience. Move us forward in our sense of call as followers of the One who stood with the poor, outcast, and brokenhearted. Give us peace in this time of waiting for what will be. In the name of the One, Jesus the Christ, we pray. Amen.

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Waiting to Be Empowered

After the drama, we wait.
We wait in a time of uncertainty.

Is this the time when the vaccination for the coronavirus will come?
Wait, the scientists are working. 

When is the time when we can get back to normal?
Wait, it will come. In its time it will come.

Jesus, is now the time when the kin_dom of God comes to fruition?
Wait, it is not for you to know.

Wait. You will be empowered by the Holy Spirit when the time comes. And you will take the Good News to those near and far. 
Though it is hard, trusting in God, we wait.

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Christ is Risen!

It feels like a pre-celebration. 
Christ is Risen!

It doesn’t feel right when we are apart. 
Christ is Risen!

It feels like a meaningless ritual. 
Christ is Risen!

It feels too soon. Our worries are great and we’re still sheltering in place.
Christ is Risen!

[A moment of silence.]

And yet…our hope is assured. Life and love have survived the vilest torture and hate. 
Christ is Risen!

Though the struggles of living are real, God’s love overcomes. God’s love has overcome! Christ is Risen!
Christ is Risen indeed! Alleluia!

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Hope. Injustice. Compassion. The Promise Remains.

L: Their hope rose to a crescendo on that day.
1: The people waved branches and cheered as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a colt.
2: May we always place our hope in the One who is worthy of our trust.

L: Jesus grew angry at the greed and power-seeking.
1: Entering the Temple, he overturned the tables of disregard and greed.
2: May we be passionate when we encounter injustice.

L: She sensed what was to come and offered salve and preparation.
1: She gave human comfort to Jesus.
2: May we provide comfort to one another in the times when our path is rocky and steep, and the skies are dark.

L: Though the injustice continues, though the path is treacherous, hope remains. 
1: Though our path leads through Good Friday, hope remains. 
2: The promise of Easter remains.
1: Alleluia! Praise be to God!

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