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Following! A Prayer

Creating One, You created each of us in the divine image. We are the dust of the earth and your very breath. Thank you for this unimaginable gift. You embedded us with free will.And gave us love of You and one another

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A Morning Prayer

Gracious One, God of joy, of transitions, of confidence, and doubt. We turn to you this morning grateful for sunshine and spring. It reminds us of the resurrection of Jesus after his horrendous death at the hands of Rome. At

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Speak Our Name, In-Courage Us

Mysterious One, We sit now before the open tomb.You have done the inexplicable.The world is not as we thought. In the silence of the garden,our humanity – our grief, anxiety, our hopes, and confusion – swirl about us. [SILENCE] As we

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A Prayer in a Time of War

God of Humanity and Creation, We turn to you aware that you share our heartache about the many schisms in our nation and world. We ask for healing that we might cease fighting and arguing over the inconsequential and keep

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Keep Our Hearts Steady; Our Minds Upon You

O God, we gather together mindful of your always presence The trees, the breeze, the sunshine, and even the passing cars remind us that all people are created in your image. We are here to re-member, to re-connect with you

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Lenten Prayer During Pandemic

Divine Energy, We have been unsettled this year,And we don’t like it. Routines shattered routines,Keeping us from friends and family. Yet for most of us, Our privilege has kept us whole, While around us others have suffered. Deeply embedded racism, inadequate safety nets

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In a Time of Pandemic & Insurrection

In this scary time of pandemic and insurrection, focus us on what we can do. When our neighbors are in need but we are unable to solve their problems, focus us on prayer, on love, and on doing what we

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A Prayer When the Capitol is Stormed

God of Justice & Love, The images! The events! We are frightened! We are disturbed!How can this be happening here, O Lord? We believed we were better than this.We have degenerated from polarization to uncivil acts.How, O Lord, can this be

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Before a Contentious Election

God of all peoples, We are filled with anxiety at the uncertainty. The shock and pain of the past inform our now. We yearn for peace, joy, hope, and compassion while worrying that power, greed, and disregard will carry the

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Groundedness & Restlessness

Oh Greatness Abundant! We gather together, one part of the whole people of earth.We claim you as ours, yet it is we who are yours. We are your beloved among beloved. Whatever our nationality, our skin tone, or orientation, or

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