Welcome Fellow Travelers

Welcome fellow travelers.

Welcome to all who have journeyed this path for a while.
Welcome to those who are new to the path.
Welcome to those who are not sure where the path lies.
Welcome to new visitors and to old friends.

Welcome to the young at heart.
To those of all ages and colors, 
all orientations and gender expressions, 
all abilities and cultures, and opinions.

Know that you are welcome here – no matter what.

For this is God’s house and all may enter here.

Welcome to everyone.
We hope that you find peace and uplift in our worship.

Rev. Maggie Sebastian adapted a welcome created by Rev. Elizabeth Myer Boulton at Hope Church in Boston (UCC, Disciples of Christ) during the early 2000s. She used that during her tenure at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Wheeling, West Virginia. I adapted Rev. Sebastian’s welcome for use during my tenure at the Condon (Oregon) United Church of Christ. I revised it, again, (as above) for use at the start of worship each Sunday during my time at the Albany (Oregon) First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

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