Gabriel's Assurance

Prayer of Confession

We confess we focus on the noise and fail to hear you. We are visited by angels and still don’t get it. Forgive us. As we pause in the silence may we once again hear Gabriel’s words of assurance and hope.

[time of silence]


Hope is on the way. Hope never left you. Hope created you and you are Hope’s beloved. 

[moment of silence]

Share the Good News of the approaching savior with your neighbor. Amen.

 Passing of the Peace
You are God’s beloved.

As are you.

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Failing to Listen to One Another; One Body

Prayer of Confession

We confess we fail to listen to one another. We focus on what we want and blame one another. We see the future and yearn for the past. We see traditions and assume they are outdated. Help us to listen to one another so that we might learn the wisdom of the young and the creativity and passion of the old. Help us to be the one body of Christ made up of many parts. Amen.


You are God’s beloved. Whether you are old or young or somewhere in between, you’re beloved. Whether you are cantankerous or boisterous, you’re beloved. Whether you’re blindly optimistic or mired in pessimism, you’re beloved. The Good News is we are all beloved and all important parts of the one body of Christ. Share this Good News with your neighbor.

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Gabriel Answers

We’ve been through the exile.

We’ve returned home to Jerusalem.

The Temple has been rebuilt.

The faith has been rebuilt.

Then why? Why are we still repeating the same mistakes? Why do we grieve the human condition so?

We crave hope.

Be still. Be silent. Listen. Gabriel answers.

But we ache for the preparations to begin.

Be still. Be silent. The story is beginning.

Our savior. Our hope is near. Amen.

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Alpha & Omega

You created us out of the earth and your own breath. 
We are made in your own image, forever connected to you. 

You called us out of Egypt saving us from slavery. 
We are your beloved,
always in your sights. 

You brought us home from exile. 
We began rebuilding the Temple. 

You sent an infant of the earth and your breath to guide us when we wandered off again. 
We follow the Christ who showed us how to love extravagantly. 

You are with us today, transforming us and the church for a new age. 
We open ourselves up to your ever-luring and always-loving spirit. 

You were with us, are with us, and will be with us. You are our alpha and omega. 
You are worthy to be praised! Amen!

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We’ve been in exile for so long.
Our world is our Babylon.

Our world values power and things.
Our God and our teacher Jesus favor humility and people.

We’ve made a life for ourselves in this Babylon of greed, selfishness, and rugged individualism.
It’s not working. It’s time to go home to Jerusalem.

Let us worship the One as we begin our journey back to a life that aligns with love of neighbor in concrete ways.
It’s time to live as Jesus showed us.

And when we do, we will find the peace and hope for which we long.
We long for peace and hope. We long for you Emmanuel. Amen.

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In the Darkest of Times

In the darkest of times,
God has not forgotten us.

When we feel under siege,
God is planning wondrous things for us.

Though we endure hard times, though we may be scattered to the winds, and weep at great loss,
God readies a future of hope filled with secrets we have never known before.

inspired by Jeremiah 33:1-3 JPSS

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Releasing the Noise; Hoping Fully

Creating, Relating, Loving One: 

We come to this moment filled inside with the clutter of our week, the pressing-in of our worries, the excitement of our joys, and the loud thoughts of elsewhere.


As we feel the chair beneath our thigh, as we sense the presence of those around us, and as sounds floats in from outside these walls, we reach out to you with our authentic selves.


Help us to calm and release the noise. Help us to be present in this moment. May the silence heal our hearts and focus our spirits.


Before we open our eyes, we ask that you touch each person in this room, our family members and friends, those whose lives have been filled with hardship, those who sleep outdoors or endure the indignity of being hated for who they are, and those who have much but fear there is not enough. 

We remember refugees and immigrants who out of fear or hope leave the lands of their births. We ask for healing for those who grieve and those who are sick. We pray for those who turn to guns and violence in schools and public spaces. We pray for our leaders in Washington, Salem, and our local community that they might feel your healing touch and respond by leading with grace, compassion, and justice. 

We seek solace and hope in this time of change, angst, and despair. May we welcome each of your people with your love and healing actions.


In the name of Jesus who breathed your spirit in and lived and taught love, justice, and hope, fully and completely. Amen.

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