A Prayer for Clean Air

The first creation story begins with ruach, the very breath of God, moving across the face of the earth. In the second story, God forms the human from the adama, the earth, and breathes God’s own breath into the human. In our beloved Oregon, we are now gasping for clean air. Forgive us our lack of stewardship of the earth! Rain your tears over us extinguishing the destructive fires! Breathe your divine breath of love and justice across the earth again. Clear away the literal smoke that poisons your people! Breathe your spirit of love and justice into us once again. Animate us to become the stewards of the earth, lovers of one another, and doers of justice you created us to be. God, in your mercy. Amen.

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Learning in the Desert

God taught the people as they wandered in the desert. 

Work hard,
Be good stewards of the soil and produce.
Plan now to set aside a significant portion of your labors and wealth for others.

Rest regularly, 
Be good stewards of your body and soul.
Plan now to assure that the oppressed, children of the oppressed, the immigrant, and beasts of burden are refreshed.

Learn these lessons,
Work hard. Share much. Rest and make it possible for others to rest as well. 
Bring your best to God’s vision. These are the gifts of God, Amen.

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Sustains & Undergirds

Like the sun that warms,
and energizes our planet…
Like the water that refreshes,
and teems with your creation…
And like the soil and love from,
which we are made…
Your presence sustains and
undergirds all that is.

Be with us,
circle and flow between
our homes reminding us
that we are one people.

Move our hearts.
Mover our hands and feet.
Move us to passionately risk,
to be the people needed,
in this time,
in this place,
And by you.

We enter into worship,
because we are yours.


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We worry






God provides enough for today,
Yet we greedily collect, buy, and hoard. 
We fail to trust there is enough for all. 







God creates us. We are worthy and beloved. We are enough because we are God’s creation. 

Let us worship, filled with trust in the manna and ourselves. Amen. 

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Get Going

The cries of injustice have reached God’s ears and heart. God says, “I see their oppression and suffering.”

“We see it, too, God,” we respond. “Are you going to rescue them now?”

And god responds, “So get going. I’m sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people, the Israelites, out of Egypt.” (Exodus 3:10 CEB)

Who are we to fix injustice or bring your love into the world?

I will help you, says God. I will be at your side but you must go. I have chosen you.

Here we are, Lord. We will go. 

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Groundedness & Restlessness

Oh Greatness Abundant!

We gather together,
one part of the whole people of earth.
We claim you as ours,
yet it is we who are yours.

We are your beloved among beloved.
Whatever our nationality, our skin tone,
or orientation, or abilities,
we are created in your image.

As we worship and coffee,
connect us.
Do not just connect us to one another,
but to our neighbors.

Create groundedness but,
also a deep restlessness,
until your dream of the wholeness of creation is a reality.

Spur us to be doers of justice, expanders of love,
and people of humility.

In your ways,
In your hopes,
In your yearning,
We pray!


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A Falling Out

Paul and the Corinthians had a falling out. 
It’s not gone well.

Paul is as human as any of us.
We are molded by the same Creator.

Conflict. Hurt. Polarization. Rejection. 
These are the ways of humanity.

There is always a way forward. It is a way that follows Jesus through conflict, anger, hurt, polarization, sadness, and rejection.
God has a dream and a hope for us.

Embrace the dream.
Immerse yourselves in the waters of hope.
We follow the One whose expansive love is for black lives, trans lives, poor lives, straight lives, and immigrant lives. 

Holy One, show us the way through.
Touch us at this hour. Move our hearts and our souls. Amen.

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Alone Together

Life goes up. 
Life goes down. 
Life goes on. 

We weep. 
We laugh and dance. 
We suffer and we pray. 

Together we cling. 
Together we share our song.
Together we are one human family. 

Let us worship alone, 
yet not alone. 

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Consume Us

Hear Me, God!
Listen to Me! 
Respond to my challenge and my suffering!

We gather with ears, with eyes, and with hearts to listen, to perceive, and to experience Divine wisdom. 
May she fill us and consume us. Amen.

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Sprouting Hope

In his despair, Job envies a tree.
For when a tree is cut down, new sprouts mean resurrection and hope.

Job yearns to be hidden away in a place where devastation cannot touch him.
Hidden from harshness, Job anticipates vindication. 

Before God and before Job’s friends, Job anticipates vindication to come.
But I know that my redeemer is alive and afterward he’ll rise upon the dust. (Job 19:25 CEB)

We gather together in this time in which a fallen tree, begins to sprout anew.
Praise God for this time of Holy Transformation! 

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