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We Belong.

You belong here.We are of this earth, created from the soil, life breathed into us by the creator. You belong here.We are connected to one another through the dust from which we were formed and the breath of God that

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We are a verb.

We gather to learn, to grow, to love, and to be commissioned to take the Good News to the world. We are church. We are a verb. We are love in action in our fragmented world.  Let us worship and

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The Fast We Have Chosen

Suddenly a sound from heaven like the howling of a fierce wind filled the entire house…                                       (Acts 2:2 CEB) A flame

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Praise to God for Our Diverse Gifts

*Call to Worship Come and worship. We gather as one people. Bring your gifts. We have different gifts. But the same Spirit provides them. L: Some of us are leaders. R: Some of us teachers. L: Some have a contemplative

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Why church? What’s the point?

Why church? What’s the point?We come to connect with one another. Why church? What’s the point?We come to find healing and hope in a world of hurt, hate, and disregard. Why church? What’s the point?We come to confess and repent

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Oh Jesus!

We gather to hear you.Oh God! Speak to us! We gather to grow into your ways.Oh Jesus! Teach us! We gather to find you peace.Oh Spirit! Surround us in your love! Amen

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Bask in the Joy of Love

Each blade of grass,And each hair upon our heads, were completed by the Creator.And God rested on the seventh day. Like the Creator loved Jesus,Jesus loved his disciples.“Remain in my love and keep my commandments,” he said. Look within. Look at

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