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And you weep.

Prayer of Confession Mother of Us All: You call to us across the generations. Expressing your love, you nudge us to love and care for the planet and all who inhabit her. We turn away from the earth and from

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We Have a Choice

We have a choice.We are created with free will. Will we follow the ways of greed and selfishness or the ways of sharing and extravagant loving?We choose to follow the One who requires us to do justice,love kindness, walk humbly,

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Make Us Like Rain

Prayer of Confession Sacred Spirit: Like kings of old, we posture. Determined to define ourselves against one another, we forget we are called to be one humanity. Like Rehoboam, we can make the lives of our neighbors more difficult. Forgive

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Goodbye Scorpions; Hello Wholeness

*Call to Worship Jealously clinging to our narrative, we release scorpions, andlet our God-ordained wholeness slip from our grasp.God forgive us. Inspire us to be One. Forgetting that power is about compassionate caretaking, we mark our territory. Instead, make us “like

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Obvious & Subtle

Prayer of Confession You appear to us in this way and that way. Sometimes you show up in our neighbors’ face and sometimes you’re as dramatic as a burning bush. Still we don’t see you. We are too focused elsewhere

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Release Us From Repetition

Prayer of Confession TogetherDivine One: Our world is filled with struggles. Sometimes we make the wrong choice. Sometimes we have regrets and sometimes we know we would be tempted and do it again. Release us from repeating our mistakes. Though

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Running to the Stranger

Without hesitation, Abraham ran out to the strangers.Let me provide you water to remove the dust from your feet.“Let us provide something to eat. Sarah and the servants busily made Abraham’s promise a reality.They provided abundant hospitality for the three

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