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Ashes for Just Such a Time As This

For just such a time as this, we were made. In the image of God, loving, grace-giving, and wise, we are created to be the hands, hearts, and feet of divinity. We gather on this Ash Wednesday,    not because

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“Come!” you call out to us. And we make up excuses. “Come!” you call out to us. And we come half-heartedly. “Come!” we call out to you. Forgetting you’ve already issued an invitation to us. When you call, move us

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Getting Ready

Get ready! We’re not quite ready. Get ready! What must we do to be ready? Esther prepared a party. She put into action events that would save her people. She focused on others. Get ready! Who must we be to

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Embracing the Royalty

God created each of us     in the divine image. Go outward, act and love in just such a time as this (1) with a heightened sense of God. We commit to live faithfully,     embracing the royalty within  

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