God of Enough.

The ads online, on TV, and everywhere we look shout: “Buy me! You deserve me! You’re only worthy with me!”
Some days we shout back: Enough!

And other days we let a theology and attitude of scarcity overtake us.
On those days we allow what we have define us, control us, and restrict us.

God provides enough.
God created each of us as enough.
God creates a world of abundance.
But our certainty of scarcity, our idolatry of the shiny, and our fears of others prevent us from gratitude, graciousness, and sharing.

We live in an abundant world.
Our creator makes it so.

Move our hearts, lessen our fears in this hour.
There is enough for all of us.

Praise be to the God of Abundant Love!
Praise to the God of Enough!

Tim is a runner, a hiker, a devoted husband, a father of two adult children, and their spouses, and a grandfather of four perfect children. A former early childhood educator, Tim is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He has served as pastor of both Disciples and United Church of Christ congregations. As we enter what we hope is the final phase of the pandemic, Tim is beginning a journey of rediscovering himself and discerning next steps. He writes from his home in Albany, Oregon and wherever the Spirit lures him.

Posted in Call to Worship, Exodus, Exodus 16, Exodus 16:1-18, narrative lectionary, Old Testament

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