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Open Our Perspectives, Hearts, & Actions

Confession of Sin Responsive Though you model seasons of hard work and seasons of rest,  we too often favor one over the other. Though you honor all labor that builds your kin_dom,we too often favor the labor of some over

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Grant Us a Reset

Confession of Sin Holy One, You empower of us with gifts so that we may live fully into our callings as your people. Forgive us for the times we’ve misused those gifts. Grant us your grace for the times we’ve

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We Know We Can Do Better

Reconciling with God & Neighbor Confession of Sin Holy One, We confess we are not the people we can be. We pretend we are doing our best when we know we can do better. Too often we know what we

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We Confess Our Part in the World’s Fragmentation

Confession of Sin Holy One, you know our hearts, our acts, and our hurts. We confess we’ve failed to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Not only have we done less than we know we can, we have too often convinced

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Confession of the Sin of Blaming Pilate, Temple Leaders, & Everyone Else

*Confession of Sins & Assurance of Grace We fear new ways. We fear giving up the status quo. And Pilate has Jesus whipped.  Open our eyes, Lord. Open our eyes, Lord. We think we know best. We reinterpret what your

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Who are you?

“Who are you?”, they asked Jesus. “I Am,” he replied. They followed Jesus. Peter and the others journeyed with him from place to place. You will deny me before the cock crows. “Never,” replied Simon Peter. They came for Jesus.

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God’s Word

We’ve been in exile. We’ve allowed ourselves to be tempted by the idols of things and power. We’ve found it isn’t what we thought.  Shopping therapy and yearning for a soda pop does nothing to build up our world. They

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