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We Confess Our Part in the World’s Fragmentation

Confession of Sin Holy One, you know our hearts, our acts, and our hurts. We confess we’ve failed to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Not only have we done less than we know we can, we have too often convinced

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The River of Life

Prayer of Invocation  Your divine breath swept across the waters, giving life to fish & child. You rode the waves with Moses, moving a sister to speak up, reuniting mother and infant. You revealed your pleasure in Jesus, as the

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Seeking Healing

*Prayer of Confession & Invocation Sacred One, from our worlds of pain, brokenness, and challenge we gather. We are yours, the koinonia gathers here & now. Focus on this place, we pray. Heighten our awareness, of your presence in this

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Yearning for the Star-Child

Litany of Confession, Grace, & Journey to the Star-Child (Advent 2) Our earth is in trouble, ice caps are melting, storms are growing more intense. Where is God? Why have you left us in this hellish exile? Our politics lack

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