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An Ash Wednesday Liturgy

Prelude  *Call to Worship                                                                         

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Nope. Not Steak. Mitchell Point  Windy Cold Snow, sleet Crawled Later could handle Risk. This what passes for risk in my life It’s nothing compared to Queen Vashti’s risks *** Queen Vashti married to King Ahasuerus not a good guy some evidence

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Birth Pangs & Midwifery

Offering Invitation The mother’s labor is beginning. She screams out at the birthpangs. We join in chorus, “the world is coming to an end!” forgetting that new life is born out of pain.  Choose to be a part of the new

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Birth Pangs

*Confession of Sin & Call to Worship Across the waters, the restless breath blew. And God began to create. Through the centuries, God journeyed with humanity. And our forebears failed, to live up to God’s hopes. Forgive us, our forebears

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