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Ruth 4: Somos Uno

Listen: God within us, divinity connecting us. We are one. Somos Uno.  +++ The Moabites were despised by the Israelites because they were descendants of a sexual union between Lot and his eldest daughter.  In the first chapter of Ruth

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Ruth 3: Seeing As God Sees

Listen: Well, this is one of those parts of the Bible that you’re never sure you want to preach. It is laced with sexual innuendo and maybe explicit sexual behavior.  +++ Just look at this third chapter! Naomi tells Ruth

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Ruth 2: Life is Hard

Listen: Life is hard. Life is strikingly hard when you’re poor. It’s harder still when you’re poor and from an immigrant group that is despised and demonized by those around you.  [pause] And it certainly doesn’t make it any easier

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Ruth 1

Listen: Chapter 1 of Ruth Once upon a time… Elimelech and Naomi lived in Bethlehem  Sons: Mahlon & Chillion famine left Bethlehem for food to live in Moab sons took Moabite wives Orpah Ruth Anyway… Elimelech dies Mahlon & Chillion

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Faith in “Just Such a Time As This” We were tough on media consumption  Never thought about keeping from Bible *** After deposing Vashti, Ahasuerus gets lonely. contestants go thru a demeaning pageant—even by ancient standards Mordecai cousin who raised Esther works in palace sees that Esther

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Nope. Not Steak. Mitchell Point  Windy Cold Snow, sleet Crawled Later could handle Risk. This what passes for risk in my life It’s nothing compared to Queen Vashti’s risks *** Queen Vashti married to King Ahasuerus not a good guy some evidence

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Nevertheless, She Persisted

Text Mark 6:31-34 & Mark 7:24-30 I love my dog. under covers kiss his head Dogs were not pets “Dogs, a highly insulting name, dogs were regarded as shameless and unclean” (Jewish Annotated NT) rats? Region of Tyre Gentile area bordering Judea

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