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Hopeful Commitment

An Offering Invitation: Beginning our story of faith anew, we look toward love incarnate. The human Jesus will feel all the same feelings that we feel, that is, of course what incarnation means. The baby Jesus, felt hunger crying out

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Worshiping in Hope

*Call to Worship/Litany for Lighting the Advent Candle of Hope In a time when hope was veiled beneath laws prohibiting prayer… Daniel worshiped the God of extravagant love. In a time when the price of hope was to be thrown

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Service of Healing & Hope for Our Nation

Click here to see photos of the visuals in this service. Prelude  *Call to Worship Veni Sancte Spiritus Come, Holy Spirit, Come. We are here to commune, to grow, to learn, and to prepare our hearts and minds before returning

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God of Fragility

Come worship the Creator. God made us, in all our weaknesses, frailties, & perfect imperfections. If we are the image of God, our strengths & weaknesses, even our looks & gifts are of God. God values us. God loves us

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Imagine the Laughter of Sarah

Imagine! Imagine a world in tune with the extravagant love of God! Imagine, we sigh. Could it ever be? Imagine! Imagine a world filled with the absurdity of grace. Imagine, we sigh. Could it ever be? Imagine! Imagine a world

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