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We Belong.

You belong here.We are of this earth, created from the soil, life breathed into us by the creator. You belong here.We are connected to one another through the dust from which we were formed and the breath of God that

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We are goats. We are sheep.

*Call to Worship  We are goats. We are sheep. We are sheep and goats. We make decisions. We take actions. What we do matters. We gather to worship. We gather to learn and be inspired. We commune together, and leave

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Ruth 4: Somos Uno

Listen: God within us, divinity connecting us. We are one. Somos Uno.  +++ The Moabites were despised by the Israelites because they were descendants of a sexual union between Lot and his eldest daughter.  In the first chapter of Ruth

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Ruth 3: Seeing As God Sees

Listen: Well, this is one of those parts of the Bible that you’re never sure you want to preach. It is laced with sexual innuendo and maybe explicit sexual behavior.  +++ Just look at this third chapter! Naomi tells Ruth

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Ruth 2: Life is Hard

Listen: Life is hard. Life is strikingly hard when you’re poor. It’s harder still when you’re poor and from an immigrant group that is despised and demonized by those around you.  [pause] And it certainly doesn’t make it any easier

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Ruth 1

Listen: Chapter 1 of Ruth Once upon a time… Elimelech and Naomi lived in Bethlehem  Sons: Mahlon & Chillion famine left Bethlehem for food to live in Moab sons took Moabite wives Orpah Ruth Anyway… Elimelech dies Mahlon & Chillion

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Journey to Damascus

Wherever we are in along the road… God sojourns alongside us. In our confusion and our distress, in our joy and excitement… God feels our emotions with us. In our fragmented world, so desperately in need of hope and healing…

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