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Does God Listen to Whining?

My secretary had a rough life, no doubt about it. Work was a place of relief from that difficult life, for sure. She viewed me as a safe person, as someone who she knew would keep what she told me

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Does God Cause the Bad to Test Us?

Everything happens for a reason…God needed her more than you do…God is testing your faith…God has a plan. Have you heard these before? *** After snacks, the lights on the plane dimmed and a hush descended. I was left with

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Can We Become Like Jesus?

Arriving home after a long day, she took one look around the place and exclaimed, “Why can’t you be more like your brother?!?” He fed 5000. He called the loathsome out of the tree and ate with them. He challenged

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Squinting in the Mirror: A Prayer of Confession & Hope

Creator of the immensity & mystery: You created us in your image,    squinting, we see you in the mirror. But we left your dream,    pursuing our own selfish,       idol-filled fantasies. You could not bear to

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Every Time I Feel the Spirit Moving

Looking back at it all, I can see the broad movements of the Holy Spirit in my life, beckoning me forward. At the time, I wasn’t always sure; often I was confused, or full of angst, or desirous of another

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Out of the World

Out of the Delights, out of the joyous times, we gather together. Out of the Tedium, the long days that drag, we gather together. Out of the Depths, out of the difficult times, we gather together. We gather to worship

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