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An Angry Savior

From your lives of challenge, of hard work, of weariness, and loneliness, come and worship. In tough times and times of joy, it “is zeal for your house that has consumed me…” (Psalm 69:9a CEB) From lives of righteous anger,

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A Prayer of Lament

Where are you God? Why must we endure another day of this? Our bodies decline, we move slower than we did, and we feel that movement in ways that we never did before. Hear our cries for those in need

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Sharing Feelings with God

Come worship God,    whose very essence is relational. We’re here to worship the 3-in-1,    who relates within between       Parent, Son, & Spirit. Listen for the Presence,    whose very desire is to relate to us.

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Does God Listen to Whining?

My secretary had a rough life, no doubt about it. Work was a place of relief from that difficult life, for sure. She viewed me as a safe person, as someone who she knew would keep what she told me

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