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Service of Healing & Hope for Our Nation

Click here to see photos of the visuals in this service. Prelude  *Call to Worship Veni Sancte Spiritus Come, Holy Spirit, Come. We are here to commune, to grow, to learn, and to prepare our hearts and minds before returning

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Come. Listen.

Come, children, listen to Jesus. Jesus, teach us how to honor the Lord. Do not jockey for power and position. Jesus tells us, you don’t know what sitting at my side means. Jesus tells us, that the one who wishes

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Messengers Before Us

Litany of Confession, Grace, & Journey to the Star-Child (Advent 4) Out of the distant past, the people petition creation and its angels: Praise God, all of you who are his messengers! Praise God, all of you who comprise his

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Opening Our Hearts to Thanksgiving

Embedded Divinity, We feel you in our inner recesses, we see you in the eyes of our neighbor struggling through tough times. Your mighty power fuels the sun, as it rises, sets and warms the earth, your power fuels the

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The One Who Connects & Expects

Sacred One, In the silence, release all that separates us from you. [time of silence] You are the God of us, and the God of them. You are the God who connects us. You are the God who loves, and

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In Whom Do We Trust?

There are those who say the Bible contradicts itself. That is like saying the library contradicts itself. Of course the Bible, written by many different people over the span of thousands and thousands of years reflects a variety of experiences

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Asking One Thing

I have asked one thing from the LORD—it’s all I seek— to live in the LORD’s house all the days of my life, seeing the LORD’s beauty and constantly adoring [God’s] temple. Psalm 27:4 CEB Though it is not in

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A Prayer of Lament

Where are you God? Why must we endure another day of this? Our bodies decline, we move slower than we did, and we feel that movement in ways that we never did before. Hear our cries for those in need

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Sharing Feelings with God

Come worship God,    whose very essence is relational. We’re here to worship the 3-in-1,    who relates within between       Parent, Son, & Spirit. Listen for the Presence,    whose very desire is to relate to us.

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Does God Listen to Whining?

My secretary had a rough life, no doubt about it. Work was a place of relief from that difficult life, for sure. She viewed me as a safe person, as someone who she knew would keep what she told me

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